Slow & Steady

It has been a busy weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday chaperoning Hike for Hunger for the Boston University Community Service Center. That’s right folks – I am old enough to be a chaperone. I remember the days when college students seemed old  & chaperones were just another extension of my parents. Here I am – almost 23 – a recent graduate, chaperoning a trip. I have to say, it was better than I expected. The weekend has set me behind a bit on pumping out a recipe for this week, but I harvested some sunflower seeds from the garden last week and I am working on a bread recipe as I type this post.

The hike was over twenty-miles and it raised awareness around issues related to hunger, as well as funds for Heifer International. Overall, it was a great experience, but there was a moment last week that I stayed preoccupied with the whole weekend.

Earlier last week, I was absorbed by a movie, The Hours. If you are like me, then it means a lot when you are absorbed by a movie. I generally don’t sit down long enough to watch the introduction before I am criticizing it for one reason or another. The movie is based on the life of Virginia Woolf & weaves together the story line of the author, an early twentieth century mother, and a twenty-first century woman.

I’m going too far into the details, I know, but there is this scene where Meryl Streep is talking about one of her friends, who is a writer, and who is also dying. She says, something like, “He gave me that look, as if everything I do is insignificant.” She lifts her arms and points around her: to the party planning, the menu building, and the interior decorating.

I think it hit me harder than I expected. I imagine it would do the same to others as well. I think sometimes I can get caught up in my own importance. As if the blog, and job interviews, and the ideas are all more important than everything else.

It made me critically think about the purpose & direction of this blog and whether I perceive it as being something significant. After all, I think we would all like to be doing something of significant, of purpose, and of value.

I am confident in this space to say that it is shaping up the way I would like it to be. A collection of recipes, thoughts, ideas, and links that help remind me and (hopefully) others that by living fully we can work on being happy.

This week I am going to focus on putting intention on the tip of my tongue, on putting intent & purpose into these days of unemployment that can stretch on in an unbelievable way, and on doing something that holds significance.

Tomorrow I will try to post the bread recipe that I finally conjure up, as well as some new things to do with kale that I found out last week. For now, slice up an orange bell pepper, crack open an avocado and sprinkle some sea salt, black pepper, and hot sauce on it. Eat a whole food. Unprocessed – whole – like living with purpose.