It’s summer in Massachusetts, which means you are always thirsty. The air is so heavy it wrings you out like a wet cloth. I can never keep up with laundry so I have developed the habit of dousing things in incense. It works most days, I think. Today is one of those days where the weather is determined to sweat everyone dry. I want the storm to come in, but it sits on the horizon waiting for the right moment, or the wrong, to unleash a thunderstorm.

I have no air conditioning in my apartment, which I actually like most days because it makes me feel less like a piece of meat in a refrigerator. I am forced to adapt & change with the seasons. Don’t get me wrong, some days I slump over in the library with a book enjoying the cool air. This lifestyle is a meditation on patience. It forces me to slow down long enough for my body to cool off & stop sweating. I like this city in the summer. The frenzy we all carry throughout the year evaporates, or trickles off somewhere else, like rain on fresh trail.

Sometimes, after all the heat, we crave drinks with a little more than water. Something that will restore the nutrients we lost throughout the day & push us through the afternoon lull. This weekend, I remember going to Santa Barbara with one of my friends for soccer camp. We stayed at his parents’ friend’s house where she had us pick avocados and lemons from the garden. Afterward, she made us guacamole and lemonade. It was the best I have ever had.

It’s just me in my apartment these days. Quincy has gone off to Chicago for the weekend and I am enjoying the time to read & listen to myself & those around me. I feel like I have spent too many days trying to tell life what it should be rather than listening to what it is.

I squeeze the lemon into a mason jar, add ice, add water, add sugar. Drink. Simple.

Nothing more than what is needed. Nothing lost that won’t give life to new things.

There is intention in the practice of eating & drinking. Sometimes community & culture, but in other moments, clarity.


Lemonade for 1

-1 lemon
-12 ice cubes (they were small ones)
-8 oz water
-2 tbs raw unbleached sugar (or more if you have a sweet tooth)

-Squeeze 1 lemon into a jar/class of your liking. Add ice. Add water & stir. Add sugar & stir. Drink & Enjoy.

p.s. I also can’t wait to get a new dining table 🙂