Fall Changes.

Hello everybody! Thanks for following along the last couple of months as I have tried out new themes, names & recipes. I have been working on changing the name of this blog for sometime now. Although Project Roots served me well for awhile; to be honest, I’m not quite sure where it came from. It was a conversation with a friend of mine when we were talking about making a completely different blog. I have been itching for a name change lately and I have been trying to figure out just what would work for the next chapter of this blog.

I started brainstorming words that mattered to me, ingredients that I enjoy cooking with, and my thoughts on how food brings people together. I’m trying out this one, Tea & Stories: nourishing each other & caring for the earth. It seems like the bulk of my inspiration comes over morning tea, whether I am sitting alone in my house or conversing with friends. Tea is a staple in my life.

It means tranquility, community & love.

When I was living in Hawai’i with my friend Chloé, tea meant everything. It meant family, conversation, and nourishment. After a busy day of running & surfing & hiking we would come back home to sit around the dining room table & have tea late into the night.

In Boston, this ritual has become a way to bring people together & to focus my energy & thoughts. I hope this space becomes like a good cup of tea shared amongst people who you love or ideas that inspire you. Through this space I hope that we can share stories that will bring us together (make us smile, think & dream) & recipes that fill us up with wholesome (vegan) food!

Feel free to send me an email at teandstories@gmail.com or connect with me on facebook!