Good Morning, Boston.

Quincy headed off to New York for the weekend. I face one more interview this afternoon and I am getting ready for it all now. It’s a quiet morning, the roommates’ dog, Eva, is laying on the hardwood floor in the kitchen staring at me. Last night, I gave her the nickname, Shadow, because somehow she is always right behind me. The air is heavy with a storm today, and I’m looking forward to the clean feeling of the rain.

This morning I put tomatoes, hummus, and some arugula on the bread that I made yesterday. It was great! I sat around with Quincy’s roommate over a cup of tea (as we do every morning) and talked. I’m headed to the farmer’s market this afternoon to get some inspiration. I know that I will, by default, have to buy some beets & kale, but I am hoping to try something new today. I don’t know whether it’s the pressure of getting a job, or the fact that summer has ended, but lately – I crave adventure. The crunch of new trails under my feet. The sight of new mountains & paths I have yet to climb.

For now, I turn up my music, get out the iron, and stuff all of my interview materials into my portfolio. I put up the quote (albeit overused at times) that used to be on the back of my cross country gear in high school…

“To do anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine –

I ended up running a little bit with a cross country team out at Fresh Pond the other afternoon. It felt good to be pushed by runners again, to be in a sea of legs moving as fast as they could pump & to hear my breath short & quick trying to keep up with their college-trained athleticism.

Don’t want to live my life like a story, always thinkin’ that I could have been somethin’ – Tegan & Sara –