10 Ways to Celebrate the New Moon & City Life

january new moon

The cold finally lifted from Boston this week & everyone seems a little friendlier on the streets, crammed into the train, and sitting at their desks at work. People all look more relaxed, including myself. This winter thaw is the first welcome break & hopefully there are more to come. The N E W  M O O N is tomorrow! This year, I’m noticing the way time slips through your fingers like water. This is the first of six supermoons in 2015 & my intention is to celebrate them all, in hopes that they will help me feel the water just a little bit longer.

My friend just got back from Europe & I bumped into her on the train. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her trip to Germany & laughing together at the end of the workday. It’s a nice surprise to find old friends in unexpected places. It’s as though the universe is telling you, this is what you need today, friendship!

It’s easy, especially in the city, to get caught up with the work that is ahead, forgetting to be in the here & now of it all – and sometimes, the here & now of it all is just too overwhelming to look at.

This new moon is all about beginnings – the ones we unknowingly wake up with everyday. It’s for living in the moment with friends & appreciating the small wonders of the world – one moment at a time.

Take a bath. I don’t know when we all got the message that we were too old for baths, but they are the right thing to do – especially during the winter. I am starting off the new moon celebrations with a bath. Tonight, I’m going with a green tea bath to replenish and restore my skin. The winter is always tough on the hands and face, so I thought this would be the perfect way to refresh in spirit of the new moon.

Meditate, early. I am early to rise because I like quiet mornings before the city is alive and turning. Tomorrow morning I’m waking up early and starting the morning-eve of the new moon festivities with meditation. Inch by inch, minute by minute. Sitting because it’s where the whole world finally opens up to breathe.

Journal. I have a tense relationship with journaling, at best. I have periods where I am married to my journal and others where you couldn’t convince me to pick it up. Winter seems to be the time when I need my journal most, writing those things down that I just didn’t get to during the summer.

Drink a Smoothie. This is a standard lunch for me nowadays. The heavy solids of dinner seem to hold me over for most the morning, aside from a few cashews, and into the afternoon. Lunchtime smoothies are easy on the stomach & they help me digest the gifts of a sweet tooth. Tomorrow’s new moon lunch: surprise smoothie from the boo!

Sauna. I just discovered the luxury of a sauna! I had no clue how drastically this would change my winter experience. A dry wood sauna really helps to hit the refresh button. You can sweat out all those impurities built up in your system, but I like to make sure to moisturize after to prevent drying my skin out even more.

Plant some greenery. Kevin & I are slowly building our plant collection. I just moved some of them the other day because they were competing for sunlight. I am going to pick up or plant a new succulent tomorrow. We can always use more air filtration in our small apartment & they are thriving as is in the sunny windowsill – after all, what’s better than a new friend?

Read something unexpected. I’m currently waiting for Forbidden Colors to arrive in the mail & let’s face it – I’ll be waiting for a few more days. Any suggestions on reading something N E W tomorrow in honor of the N E W  M O O N ? If not, I’ll be reading some articles from the New Yorker because I just got my first subscription & I’m already behind.

Express gratitude. I have been focusing on cultivating gratitude lately, from the simple way the sun hits the cobblestones on my walk to work to a surprise dinner when I get home after the day. Tell somebody how much you appreciate them – like a positive little token for them to take on their journey.

Dedicate your time to others. This is one I’ve been struggling with the most over the past few months. With a busy schedule, I find it hard to carve out time for others, but tomorrow I’m determined to make it happen. I’m going to dedicate a few minutes of my day to others, whether that is listening or lending a hand.

Look at the Moon. Most importantly, don’t forget to look at the moon. It may be small or large, depending where you are in the world, but it’s the first of many new things to come. I hope this is the first of many beautiful moments for your year & beyond.