Couples Yoga

November 24, 2014

Couples Yoga

Pneumonia. The final diagnosis for Kevin’s bizarre sickness. We are both stubborn about going to the doctor, so it was one of those tea and positive thinking isn’t going to help any more kind of moments. This weekend, he finally started to feel better and we slowly put the house back together from a week of running around like mad. We had two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend & we are still sourcing a tofu duck for Thanksgiving day. If you have any tips out there about where to find tofu duck in Boston, then I am taking all the tips you can offer!

This morning, we took time off the regular schedule to play at home. To fall in love with the unexpected. We have spent the last few months going to yoga class & last night we met a couple who do yoga together. I guess we woke up inspired. That’s my favorite, the days where everything is unexpected, irregular. I guess it’s in the air these days…

I guess we are learning how to face our fears, one soaring pose at a time.


Couples Yoga

Couples YogaCouples YogaCouples Yoga

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