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    Day by Day, Cup by Cup

    November 19, 2016

    “Tea … is a religion of the art of life.” – Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea – There’s something magical about a cup of tea. Each mixture and color more than cup deep. My introduction…

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    Maple Hemp Milk

    April 5, 2016

    I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the weather in New England this weekend, so let’s skip over that for the time being. After all, the city shows the fits and starts of spring with green grass…

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    Cashew Milk Recipe

    October 5, 2014

    This weekend, I finally recovered from being sick. It’s been a week of nothing but kale smoothies and early nights in bed.  Today, I told Kevin that I have been dreaming about creating a vegan and vegetarian food guide for…

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    Pineapple Orange Juice Recipe

    September 14, 2014

    It’s been a year since my last post. This morning, I woke up and read all the posts I wrote over a year ago and was filled with so much joy and amazement about all the…

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    Introduction to Homebrewed Kombucha

    July 8, 2013

    “Things have a life of their own,” the gypsy proclaimed with a harsh accent. “It’s simply a matter of waking up their souls.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez – 1. To sit longer on the floor and listen…