rye bread

Welcome to Tea & Stories. I’m Austin, a 27-year-old Northern California native living in Boston with my boyfriend, Kevin, and our collection of cacti and orchids. I write about celebrating the small moments of everyday life, from running in the morning to healthy meals that keep me feeling like my best self. During the day, I do SEO at Wayfair and work as an independent SEO consultant with a lot of great people.

This is the story of how I find happiness in working with my hands to make healthy meals and a home that celebrates the earth. In this space you’ll find recipes from mornings on-the-go to our favorites from dinners with our friends. You will also find occasional home decor projects, art and design, as well as moments from my life here in Boston that keep me feeling rooted and whole. Most importantly, this is a space to live with intention, dream big, fail often, and focus on the small things that make everyday life a little more graceful.