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March 2015

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    Happy {Belated} Pi Day

    March 15, 2015

    Some of the best recipes are made on the fly. Others you mull over for days. You end up scraping the burnt part off after the first and second try. Maybe, you’re late to work one…

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    Lapsang Souchong

    March 3, 2015

    1 tsp per cup | 212° | Steep for 4 minutes There’s a campfire in our kitchen this morning, at least that’s what the upstairs neighbors must think. Meanwhile, 7,000 miles away it’s Wednesday or what…

  • Desserts

    Blood Orange Vegan Bundt Cake

    March 1, 2015

    This Saturday, Kevin and I left the city for the afternoon. I’ve been craving the road in some way or another. This was just a short trip down to Providence for lunch at The Grange and dessert…